The small town of Alkali Flat is a hidden gem on the west side. It’s located near West Sacramento and has an estimated population of around 1272 people. This residential neighborhood offers you peace with its quiet atmosphere while still being close enough that there is a multitude of opportunities for fun when traveling into the city on occasion.

Alkali Flat, Sacramento, CA, is a neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks 10th in the city of Sacramento. Also, this neighborhood ranks better than 83% of its surrounding areas.

Alkali Flat is a fascinating neighborhood with great weather and an affordable cost of living. In this area, you can find homes that are 16% cheaper than the national average. This makes Alkali Flat a wonderful place to call home since the area has an exceptional quality of life with lower living costs and more space for things like gardening or growing fruits & vegetables than most other areas in Sacramento. Housing prices here are also much lower, so you’ll never have trouble finding your dream house on one acre lots- which means there’s plenty left over at the end of the month when all those bills come due every week.

Alkali Flat, Sacramento, CA, is one of the safest cities in California, with a crime rate that’s below average and equal to or less than most other places. There you have a 1 out 30 chance of becoming victims when living here as well. With crime rates close to the national average, you can enjoy living there without worrying about becoming the victim of violence or theft- after all, it’s statistically unlikely that any part of Alkali Flats will have these things happen within them.

In Alkali Flat, Sacramento, CA, the median household income is 51% lower than average nationwide. The city has seen a 15% decrease in per capita income over time which is much greater when compared to other areas within California or even just America as a whole.

The Alkali Flat area of Sacramento, CA, has some surprising statistics that might surprise you. For example, male median earnings are 41% higher than female median earners, and the unemployment rate here is 181% greater than the nationwide average.

The average school test scores in Alkali Flat, Sacramento, CA, are equal to the national average. 82% of people here have completed 8th grade, and 79.7 percent finish out high school, while only 26.6 succeed with a bachelor’s degree.

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