Government Buildings

Manville is a borough in Somerset County, NJ and is a part of the New York metropolitan area.It is surrounded by the Raritan River and canal on three sides. When Hurricane Ida movedthrough Manville the nearby levee was overwhelmed, flooding the borough.Critical Control was called in to remediate the City Hall and multiple city buildings. […]

Pharmaceutical Lab, 24/7 Operation

Background: Pharmaceutical laboratory sustained significant damage to structure and contents during flooding. Critical Control was called in to remediate the sensitive pharmaceutical laboratory .The pharmaceutical laboratory housed significant amounts of sensitive equipment as well as dataand specimens. Pain Points:● Sensitive nature of remediating highly critical laboratory assets and specimens.● Could not shut down operations: Business […]

Multi-Family, HOA

Pleasant Valley HOA consists of 138 high end residences varying in size from 3500 square feet to 4500 square feet; the residences are part of one of the largest retirement communities in California, with over 3500 properties. Background: Fire came through the forested area (bottom left of picture). Several homes that were part of the […]

Commercial Construction, Large Loss

Background: The sudden and unexpected torrential rainfall created extensive damage in northern California. Critical Control was called to respond to a 154 Luxury Penthouse building under construction that was affected by water damage throughout the entire property. The contractor and owner were distraught as the units were going on showing. Pain Points:● Construction needed to […]