Bay Point is a quiet suburb of Oakland, located about 4.7 miles away from Concord, CA, with an easy-going vibe. The population hovers around 25,808 people, and their living situation offers them plenty to occupy themselves in other than work or school like friends/family you’ve made over time who live locally as well as libraries nearby if they want some good reads while sipping on coffee from your favorite local shop.

In Bay Point, you’ll find a unique suburban feel with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops. The city also offers many parks for residents’ enjoyment. Many families call this place home-in fact; it’s known as “the little town without big-city problems.”

 Inhabitants tend not only to be liberal but rather progressive too; there appears to exist an open-mindedness that comes naturally here versus other areas where people may have been more conservative growing up due perhaps because they’re newer into the country or haven’t seen much change yet which means anything could happen next year.

Bay Point is an area that has the feel of the sparse suburban with its median home value at $302,900 and rent price set at $1,486. The population density here favors sparse living conditions because it’s surrounded by trees on all sides, making for more natural scenery than if there were houses everywhere. Instead, it offers many green spaces like parks that often have free admission or very affordable tickets available depending on your needs as well. Bay Point is a coastal city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Median household income here ranges from $65K -$95K, depending on the area you live in and how much property value has increased or decreased since 2013, making it an ideal place to call home.

In the Bay Point area, education levels vary from those who have a master’s degree or higher to those with only high school diplomas. In fact, 28% of residents here do not even graduate from their local public schools!  With such varied educational opportunities for all types as well as an intense job market that has helped fuel home price increases significantly more than average California communities over recent years, there is no shortage in this city when it comes time to represent what you want out of your current place and future aspirations.

In case you are looking for a school in the Bay Point area, then there are many excellent options to consider. Take Horizons School, which offers independent study programs as well as other after-school clubs and activities that can help your child develop skills they may need more than others at an early age like reading comprehension or math operations; Sequoia Elementary has plenty of sports teams available to suit any interest including football (American), soccer (FIFA), baseball, softball/baseball hybrid game called “corker ball” -whatever floats your boat. Monte Gardens Elem also offers different types of sports ranging from track & field events.

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