Benicia is a small suburb of Vallejo with an interesting history that you can learn more about in Solano County. Besides this area being located just 5 miles away from Martinez, California – it also offers plenty else to see and do for those who live there.

In Benicia, CA, there are a lot of parks for residents to enjoy. The suburban feel and most people who live in this area own their homes because they offer more space than an apartment or condo does. People living here have moderate political views. People tend to have conservative values, and the public schools are highly rated, making it an excellent place for young professionals who want their children educated well without having them exposed too much outside of what they need at home or school. One thing that makes Benicias different from most other towns is just how close-knit all these people feel despite being so far away from each other, geographically speaking.

This place is full of smart and creative people. It’s also home to many different cultures, from those who have been born there all their lives like me or those that now call Beniciá an extended living room as they work on new projects for themselves here at the local universities where education levels are higher than most other places in America. Besides, Benicia is a great place to live for many different reasons. For those who are looking to get an education, it has one of the highest rates in California, with 16% holding at least one degree above bachelor’s level. Furthermore, more than three-quarters have some college or associate’s degree as well, which means there will always be someone familiar around when you need them.

For those looking for a beautiful bungalow, the median home value in Benicia is $585 thousand. With an average rent of just under two grand per month, you can’t go wrong. The median household income is about $103K which makes the cost of living affordable for most people who want an opportunity at homeownership or just want something nice enough that they can call their own.

Did you know that Benicia is home to some of the top public schools in Northern California? Here we list just a few: Joe Henderson Elementary School, Matthew Turner Elementary School, and Robert Semple Elementary school.

Living in Benicia is a wise decision. It has an exceptional Livability Score, with 78%, which makes it among one of the most livable cities around. You’ll enjoy 50% lower crime rates than California’s average and real estate prices 16% higher as well – but if you’re looking for some bargains on rentals, then be prepared to pay 10%.

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