Benicia is a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in California that’s home to some amazing hills. It is located near American Canyon, CA, with a population of around 27,780 people.

Benicia, CA, is a uniquely livable city with an exceptional score and ranked 124th out of all cities in California and ranks better than 83% of its surrounding areas. It’s located less than 10 mi away from American Canyon, which makes it easy for people who want to get outside but still close enough if you need your daily dose of civilization too.

The cost of living here is 11% higher than in California, 57 percent more so when compared to the national average. The price tag for housing there also tends 125% above what you would find elsewhere across America – this means that residents often have a difficult time making ends meet and must work multiple jobs just like everyone else throughout our country who don’t own their homes freehold or rent from someone with enough money set aside each month as part-time earnings because they cannot afford monthly payments alone.

Benicia is a city known for being one of the safest in America. With crime statistics that are 45% lower than average, it’s clear why so many people choose to make Benicias their home! Violent crimes rates here are 85% below national norms, and there’s only 1 chance out of 73 you will become victimized when living or visiting this beautiful bay area landmark.

The median household income here is 57% higher than the national average. Male median earnings are 41% higher, too! The unemployment rate here comes out to be 13%, which means you’re less likely to lack work opportunities as well as financial security if something were ever taken away from you. And with an overall poverty level that’s 53 percent lower than what it would have been without all these great amenities available for anyone who needs them – this city sure knows how to make life easier on its residents.

In Benicia, The school test scores are 11% higher than the national average. There is an excellent educational system for students to get a good education, and it shows how many people have completed 8th grade with 93%. The city also has 92% of its population that finishes high school while only having 42.4% completing bachelor’s degrees at some point during their lives! It’s clear why this area produces such intelligent individuals when you consider these statistics.

The demographics of Benicia are quite different from those in California. The population density here is 741% higher, and the median age is 23 percent lower than that for people living near you? In addition, 71.59% White citizens make up this city’s total populace, along with 5.77% of the population being Black and 12.49% of the population being Asian.

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