Commercial Construction, Large Loss




Background: The sudden and unexpected torrential rainfall created extensive damage in northern California. Critical Control was called to respond to a 154 Luxury Penthouse building under construction that was affected by water damage throughout the entire property. The contractor and owner were distraught as the units were going on showing.

Pain Points:
● Construction needed to turn the units over for their financing
deadline: The extent of the damage was so significant that all 5 stories were
affected including, walls and flooring. Critical Control had crews working through
the weekend to get the project back on track for market.
● Multiple Stakeholders: Multiple insurance providers were involved and
extensive and diligent record keeping was necessary to provide each insurance
adjuster with clear category data for reconciliation purposes.
● Expediated Reconstruction Timeline: To help speed up reconstruction,
Critical Control took diligent measurements of all materials removed so the
construction company knew what to reorder and could get started asap.

Peace of Mind Solution:
● Expert Documentation: Working closely with all adjusters on water, mold
and reconstruction claims Critical Control assured that work was attributed to
the proper claims and effectively managed various adjuster requirements.
● Expedited construction – Containment was set in all units so that remediation
could take place while construction on other areas of the units continued,
minimizing disruption of our client’s construction timelines.
● Communication: Critical Control had project managers and project directors
on site to ensure that we worked closely with the contractor to communicate daily
unit completion as well as all rebuild materials needed for lead time

● Successful remediation of ~500,000 square feet.
● By segregating data effectively the 4 party adjusters were able to easily track
and reconcile the claims accurately.
● Use of materials was recorded so that the General Contractor could shorten
lead times to obtain materials for reconstruction.
● Critical Control worked around the clock and was able to complete the
entire project within 4 weeks minimizing the delay to market.

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