Clayton is a perfect place to call home in the Bay Area, located about 4.5 miles away from Concord, California area. The population of 12,083 people will make you feel right at ease with your neighbors, and Clayton has great schools too.

Living in Clayton is a unique experience. With its sparse suburban feel and most residents owning their homes, the community offers something that not many other places can match: plenty of parks for kids or adults alike. Living in Clayton can be a lonely experience. It’s always nice when you meet the same person every day at work, but it is even more rewarding knowing that your community has its own set of friends and family members who will look out for one another too. They have their share of crime here – especially during daylight hours- so if this sounds like something interesting to try out, then feel free to stop by.

Clayton residents are typically moderate in their political views. The public schools here also tend to be above average, though the town has seen an increased number of people voting for charter schools recently. The public schools are one reason why this small city is so livable, with an excellent quality of life for its residents.

If you’re looking for a place to call home, look no further than the beautifully manicured lawns and tree-lined streets of Clayton. Whether your preference is bachelor pad or family compound, living here has it all. A median home value of $771K will make sure there’s plenty left over at month-end while renting costs at about $2600/month (or less!) And don’t forget how close everything in this town – schools included – are by proximity thanks to its low population density, which makes life feel more spacious overall.

It’s not surprising that the most popular education level is a Bachelor’s degree. 38% of people in this city have earned at least a bachelor’s, with an additional 20% having attained one to three years’ worth of post-secondary coursework–nearly 29% are college grads. Junior high school or less accounts for 10%. Living in or near Clayton also means being within commuting distance from different elementary schools plus middle/high options depending on your child’s age when they start attending.

In case you’re looking for a great school in Clayton, look no further than the top public schools. Here are just some of them: Top Public Schools Serving include Clayton – Horizons School and Mt. Diablo Elementary School, both have an excellent academic reputation with high ratings from parents on review websites.

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