Clyde is a quaint, quiet suburb of Oakland with plenty to offer. Most residents own their homes and enjoy living in this community that has just enough charm to keep you coming back for more. It’s located near Martinez, CA and has many family-friendly amenities like plenty of green space to take care of pets on your own property without any restrictions.

There are many young professionals who live in the city of Clyde, and they tend to be liberal. The public schools here also have an above-average rating which makes it easy for residents’ children, as well as anyone else looking into moving there – especially those with kids.

In Clyde, one can expect to live at a comfortably medium-high standard. The median home value ($435K) and median rent ($1,768/month), based on area housing stock data combined with population density for the proximity of amenities, make this region sparse suburban feeling – but there’s plenty more than meets the eye.

What do you want to know about living in Clyde? The education levels of this city are quite interesting! On average, 6% of the population has at least one master’s degree or higher. Closely following that percentage are those with bachelor’s degrees who make up 15%. Additionally, approximately 56% have some college experience but not an associate’s degree; 20 percent only attended high school while 3 percent have less than high school diploma.”

The top public schools serving Clyde are Horizons School, Sequoia Elementary school, and Valley View Middle school. These three institutions provide students with the ideal education for their needs by providing a well-rounded curriculum that caters to every student’s personal interests in various subject matters such as math or science-related courses, among others.

Clyde has a Livability Score of 69/100, which means it’s on par with average cities across America. Crime rates are also typical for this type of location and just as California-level prices – so you’ll find that living here won’t cost much more or less than what other locations offer, depending on your needs!  There are some key differences between our town versus others though; first off, there aren’t quite as many jobs at higher-paying salaries available (8% lower), but if affordable housing is important, then renting may be easier since they tend to have cheaper rents compared to nearby areas where job growth has been faster recently.

In Clyde, you’re likely to make more money than the average American. The median household income is $82K – that’s higher than many other places around this part of CA.

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