Clyde, CA, located near Concord, California, is the 379th ranked city in California and 13696th-ranked place across America. It ranks better than 53% of its surrounding areas when it comes to livability scores.

The quaint and quiet town of Clyde is in Contra Costa County, just south of Oakland. The area has a population of 792 people who live there year-round or for weekends; most own their homes (80%). This means you’ll never feel like your community doesn’t welcome newcomers – it’s always been home.

The residents of Clyde are proud to call it their home, with an average commute time and plenty in store for them. A stroll down the main street will offer you glimpses into the life this community has created over decades- when people weren’t living on screens, they were also enjoying each other’s company at local restaurants or hanging out near one of many parks located throughout town; which means there is always something going on.

In Clyde, the cost of living is 1% lower than the California average. This makes it an ideal place to call home for those who are looking out on their wallet! The difference between housing prices and other goods or services also tends to be more affordable, which means you’ll get a better bang for your buck when shopping around town.

In this area, the crime rates are equal to the national average. If you’re looking for a safer place, Clyde would be your best option. Clyde has much lower violent crimes than other cities in America, and it’s also very safe compared with 97% of its peers across state lines – making this small town an excellent choice if safety is what matters most when moving away from home.

Also, in Clyde, the median household income is 100% lower than the national average. Male median earnings here are 41% higher than female median earnings, making them an attractive option for most families looking to earn more money without having a family member lose wages or qualifications because they’re not able to work full-time hours due to their health condition(s). The unemployment rate here also falls below 50%, which means you’re less likely to find yourself out searching high and low with no luck when there’s plenty available just waiting on our shores. Clyde has some serious advantages over other areas of America – including significant differences too.

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