Concord, CA, is a small town located just about 4.5 miles away from Clayton, CA, with an estimated population of 126,938 people. In Concord, you’ll find a mix between city life and natural easterly views. The downtown area has many coffee shops as well as parks that offer beautiful scenery for those looking to get out from time to themselves or enjoy some outdoor space at their own pace with family members who live far away in apartments close by; but if it feels like there isn’t enough land left over after living here long-term (which I highly recommend), then head up towards higher ground where development is still limited.

The Concord area has a below-average livability score and ranks as the 703rd ranked city in California. This area rates better than 27% of its surrounding areas for livability. The cost of living is 50% higher than the national average, but housing is 104% more expensive. In addition to being a little more costly on an economy-wide basis, people who live here have their lives altered as well with regards to what they can afford since it has been shown that incomes are not nearly as high compared to other areas across America.

This area of Concord is a safer city than 18% of the cities in America. Violent crimes are 9% higher here, but you have an even more remarkable 1-in-26 chance of becoming a crime victim. In Concord, the average income is 11% higher than the national average. Median household incomes are 29% greater, and male median earnings surpass female counterparts by 41%. The unemployment rate here also tends to be lower at 14%. Poverty levels have been reduced to 19% lower than the U.S. average, which means there’s less chance you’ll live below the poverty line – making your life better for both yourself and others around you.

The school in this area is not doing well. The school test scores are 32% lower than the national average, but there’s hope. With approximately 28 public schools to choose from and 85.9% of residents have completed 8th grade as well as those who have graduated high school at least once – it is possible for children here to still receive an excellent education despite these numbers being so much less than what they should be.

Concord’s real estate prices are 3% higher than the California average. Rental rates are also 7% higher than the California average.

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