Contra Costa Centre is located about 4.3 miles from Concord and has a population of 6,190 people. Contra Costa Centre is the 11th ranked city in California and 899th ranked out of all cities across America. This area ranks better than 96% when it comes to livability scores.

In Contra Costa Centre, the cost of living is 16% higher than the California average and 63% more expensive than national housing costs, which makes it 146 percent more costly on an annual basis.

What is the crime rate in Contra Costa Centre? The rates are 64% lower than average. Violent crimes happen 62% less often too. The Contra Costa Centre is among the safest places to live near Concord. Not only does it have crime rates that are 64% lower than average, but you’re also less likely to be a victim here when compared with cities all over the country. In fact, there’s just about 1 chance for every 111 people, which makes this area safer than 70% of U.S. cities.

The residents of Contra Costa Centre enjoy a high quality of life, with an income per capita that is almost double the national average. Male median earnings are 41% higher than female median wages in this area which helps explain why there’s so much diversity among its population demographics compared to other parts throughout California or even America for that matter. The unemployment rate here at 14%, lower than any other place.

In Contra Costa Centre, the statistics show that almost everyone has completed 8th grade, with a high school diploma or more. The same can be said about their educational levels—the majority have attended college, and degrees beyond bachelor’s degree level completion rates are also very similar to those nationwide (70%).

In Contra Costa Centre, the population is more diverse than in California. In fact, it has a higher percentage of people from different races and ethnicities in comparison with our home state. The population density is 3699% higher than in California. The median age there, on the other hand? 3% lower. In addition, it has 64.43% White individuals and 4.56% Black ones. So not only are these areas largely more affordable, but they also have lots of things going for them culturally speaking too.

The Contra Costa Centre, real estate market, is a hot spot for those looking to buy or rent. In fact, prices in this area are 24% higher than California’s average! And as if it couldn’t get any better, the rental prices here have been 31% greater than what you could find elsewhere in this beautiful state too–so no matter your preferences (or finances!), there’s something perfect waiting just around the corner.

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