Crockett is a quaint, quiet suburb located about 6.9 miles away from Martinez with 3265 residents. Most people who live there own their homes and enjoy living on large lots that are sparsely populated compared to other areas of Contra Costa County or even California as a whole.

Crockett is a great place to live with its scenic views and moderate politics. With so many bars in close proximity to one another as well as parks that offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation, it’s no wonder residents here tend not only to be civically minded but also highly intelligent. The public schools are above average due largely because they don’t concentrate academic excellence into just 1 school as many other cities do; instead, there are different high performing academies, which means if you have kids who love sports or academics alike, then Crocket has what every family needs.

In Crockett, the median home value is $511K and median rent per month comes in at a hefty sum of $1 337. With this information alone, you might be inclined to think that living here would feel not only remote but also expensive for what little space there may or may not be available within your desired commute distance from work. However, upon further inspection, we see that while many areas do have sparse suburban qualities with lots going on around them (think strip malls), other parts seem more rural, which provides certain perks such as scenic views out windows every day.

In Crockett, you’ll find a community that is full of opportunity. With schools like John Swett High School and Carquinez Middle School serving the area well – it’s no surprise why residents love where they live.

It is interesting to see the educational levels in Crockett. 14% of adults have a master’s degree or higher, 28% possess bachelor’s degrees, with 28 percent having some college experience as well 18%. The high school diploma/equivalent percentage was only 5%, which shows that not everyone has obtained their highest level of education locally, even though the overall average is 16%.

Crockett is a beautiful town with great people and low crime. The cost of living here isn’t as high compared to California, making it an ideal place for those who want both affordability and proximity; you’ll find that Crocker real estate prices are lower than most other areas in the state too.

This beautiful community is home to an interesting mix of people. It has the highest population density in this state at 1041%. The median age for both genders combined is 31% which ranked above average too. 

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