The Dos Rios Triangle, Sacramento, CA, is a neighborhood located about 2.8 miles away from West Sacramento, CA with an estimated population of 1,598 people.

The Dos Rios Triangle, Sacramento, CA, is a neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks 1st in its state. This means that it has better living conditions than 99% of other areas around California.

Living in the Dos Rios Triangle area of Sacramento, CA, is a fantastic opportunity for those who are seeking an excellent quality of life with lower rates than average. The cost of living here tends to hover around 13% below that seen in Sacramento and 23% higher than the U.S. average as well making it another great option if you’re looking into moving or just want some extra cash on hand. With housing being 42 percent more expensive, however, there’s no shortage when it comes down this side either, so don’t miss out because what might seem too good to be true sometimes actually.

In Dos Rios Triangle, there is a 1 in 30 chance that you will become the victim of crime. Crime rates and Violent crime rates are also equal to the national averages, making it one of the safer places within this state’s boundaries, 97% safer than all CA cities.

The dynamics of population in the Dos Rios Triangle are gradually changing, with an increase that is greater than the national average. The median household income per capita here has also risen to match what’s seen nationwide. As people continue moving into this area and investing money into their property values or starting a business on local soil, there will eventually be less poverty present.

Dos Rios Triangle, Sacramento, CA, is an area with great opportunities. The median household income and the average earnings per capita in this region match up to those seen across America as a whole, making it possible for residents here to live comfortably without worrying about their finances constantly struggling due to lack of opportunity.

The median income for males in the Dos Rios Triangle is 41% higher than females. The unemployment rate there also matches that of America at large, making it an ideal place to live if you’re looking not only for stability but wealth as well. Dos Rios Triangle, Sacramento, CA, has some seriously high-earning men who can afford their own houses and cars without worrying about paying rental fees.

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