Downtown, Sacramento, CA, is a wonderful neighborhood located just 1.8 miles away from West Sacramento, with an estimated population of 5,111 people.

There are many reasons to love downtown Sacramento. For starters, it ranked 9th on Livability’s list of best neighborhoods in California and 96th out of all the CA cities in their rankings. Also, it has an exceptional livability score that beats 83% of its surrounding areas by quite a bit too.

Living in the heart of Downtown with all its amenities is a great way to live comfortably while being near many things that you need on your daily commute. The cost-of-living here tends toward 23% higher than national rates, but if this suits your lifestyle, then take advantage. Housing prices are 38 percent more expensive as well, which means people who work hard every day will have less money left over at night after paying rent or mortgage payments each month.

Downtown, Sacramento, CA, is a safer place than 55% of the cities in California. The crime rate there has been shown to be 8% lower and violent crimes 11 percent higher when compared with the national average. In Downtown, you’re less likely to become a victim than in any other part of the city. Violent criminal activity can be higher; however, there are plenty of activities such as bars where you’re more likely to have a good time without having any worries about getting mugged or raped outside afterward.

The Downtown area of Sacramento, CA, is a bustling metropolis with several historical buildings and attractions. The population density here makes it easier for people to live comfortably without having too much space between themselves as well as providing an average 48% higher income level when compared against other areas within our country’s capital city ranking criteria which make this location truly stand out. The median household income there tends to be 33% lower as well. In Downtown, Sacramento, CA, you’ll find that people have more money because they earn it at a much faster rate than others around town.

The Downtown area of Sacramento is full of opportunities. The male median earnings are 41% higher than female median earners, and a 30% lower unemployment rate makes this part of the city a great place to live in. Furthermore, it has an equal poverty level with most other areas across America.

The Downtown school test scores are on par with the national average. 84% of those that live there have completed 8th grade, 83 percent finish high school, and 42.6 percent complete at least one bachelor’s degree.

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