Esther Clark Park is a small neighborhood in Palo Alto, CA, with an estimated population of about 1,000 people. It’s located near Mountain View and close enough so you can bike or walk there if need be. Esther Clark Park is a Mountain View neighborhood that has an excellent livability score and ranks 155th in California. This means it’s better than 71% of its surrounding neighborhoods when considering this criterion.

Esther Clark Park is among the safest cities in CA, actually safer 84% than other neighborhoods in the states. The rate for violent crimes is 79% lower than nationally, and personal safety can be attributed to this high level of well-being that thrives here. For those looking to move into an area with low rates or experience fearlessness when it comes to hindering criminal activity, Esther Clark has got your back.

The residents of Esther Clark Park are doing quite well. The median household income is 237% higher than the national average, and the income per capita is 317% higher than the U.S. average. The median income for males here is 41% higher than females. The unemployment rate here is also lower, at 2%. The poverty level stands equal to the national average–a statistic that shows how well this community works together despite having its challenges.

The schools in Esther Clark Park are very good at educating their students. 95% of residents have completed 8th grade, and nearly all (>95%) are high-school graduates or further along than this threshold before leaving for college/career options. The city’s education levels can be seen by looking at the statistics surrounding graduation rates: 83.7% of people living there attained a bachelor’s degree while commended metrics include test scores which hover around average across most categories measured (i..e., grammar & syntax).

In Esther Clark Park, the cost of living is 140% higher than the Palo Alto average. The housing market is also more expensive, with homes there costing 732% above that for other parts of California or America as a whole.

Esther Clark Park is a cozy community that offers residents the feel of being out in nature while still having all amenities at their fingertips. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to live somewhere compact but not too far from many things you need on hand, like restaurants or coffee shops!

The people who call this place home tend to be retirees with moderate political views – they’re often very nice about letting us teenagers hang around outside after school if we have jobs waiting there too. Most public schools here are highly rated, so your kids will get top-notch education no matter which part of town he/she lives in.

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