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Manville is a borough in Somerset County, NJ and is a part of the New York metropolitan area.
It is surrounded by the Raritan River and canal on three sides. When Hurricane Ida moved
through Manville the nearby levee was overwhelmed, flooding the borough.
Critical Control was called in to remediate the City Hall and multiple city buildings. High
volumes of paper documents, computer equipment and servers, antique relics important to the
city’s historical artifacts, money, and city plans were affected.
Critical Control Peace of Mind:

● After initial safety inspections, roof inspections were performed to prevent further
interior damage to the building.
● Sensitive city documents, county records and plans that were damaged were prioritized,
removed and over 600+ file boxes were sent to an offsite facility for processing. Meanwhile, crews worked around the clock to stabilize the structure, secure contents.
● City government needed to be operational within 48 hours to help the citizens that were
also affected by the storm. Containment rooms and chambers were created to allow the
mayor’s, clerk’s and city council chambers to quickly set up impromptu offices to assist
their citizens.
● Environmental remediation was required for the off-site Public Works department,
storing chemical products that needed to be secured and mitigated quickly as storm
damage had created leaks.
Remediation Results:
● The restoration process took approximately 28 days to complete and teams worked
around the clock due to the critical nature of the city hall serving its citizens during a
national catastrophe.
● Immediate response and organization of the situation and establishing priorities to
“know how “ allowed Manville City Hall and its citizens to capture information from
hundreds of thousands of documents to be recovered.
● The ability for Critical Control to understand that City Hall needed to remain the hub of
support for its citizens and creatively solve an impromptu solution meant that staff was
able to continue to serve its city during a time of greatest need.

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