Green Acres is a quiet neighborhood located near Mountain View, CA, with an estimated population of about 1,487 people. This tranquil community offers residents the chance for plenty of green space and outdoor activities like hiking or biking on its nature trails.

Green Acres has a livability score that ranks it as the 187th best neighborhood in California. It’s more desirable than 66% of its surrounding areas, making Green Acres an excellent place to live with access to great schools and plenty of amenities.

This neighborhood of Green Acres is a fantastic place to call home. With its mix of rural and urban living, residents can enjoy the benefits of both worlds while being only a few minutes away from all that downtown has to offer. There are plenty of restaurants for those looking not only for delicious food but also outdoor seating with views on one side or another; coffee shops provide some much-needed caffeine when you need an extra jolt before your day starts (pun intended). And don’t forget about our beautiful parks–they’re perfect places where kids will run around without fear.

Living in Green Acres, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenic views that this area has to offer. The median home value is $2 million, which makes it an affordable place for those who want some privacy while still being close enough if they need access quickly. Renters will have no trouble finding apartments with monthly rents starting around $3300 all up – so head on down today before someone else grabs first dibs.

The cost of living here is 110% higher than the average for Palo Alto and 196% higher than the national average. Housing prices are 590% higher, on par with other areas that experience rapid growth, such as New York City.

Green Acres is a haven for those who want to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The area’s high income and impressive median household incomes make it easier than ever before to maintain your home with the latest in modern conveniences while still feeling like you’re living large on fewer dollars.  The income per capita is 200% higher than the national average, while the median household income is 159% higher than the national average.

Despite Green Acres’ small size, it has been revealed that there are many important facts and figures about this town. For instance: the median earnings for males are 41% higher than female median earnings, the unemployment rate is 29% higher than the national average, and the poverty level is equal to the national average.

Green Acres is a safer place to live than 53% of the cities in California. Green acres has lower crime rates, and it’s 51% higher when compared with the national average for all types of crimes committed by residents/ visitors over their lifetimes. Violent criminal activity in this residential area accounts for 29% less often than what you would expect from an equivalent population rate, making Green Acres one remarkable community where happiness prevails.

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