Green Valley is a surprisingly quaint neighborhood with many hidden treasures. It’s almost impossible to believe it’s only 8 miles away from American Canyon area, which contains one of California’s most picturesque cities and has plenty more for you to explore.  This neighborhood has a population of 1224 people and offers a wide variety for travelers like yourself who are looking into moving here.

Green Valley, CA, is a great place to live with an excellent livability score and ranks better than 65% of surrounding areas. This neighborhood ranked 280th out of all cities in California as well as 1026th nationwide.

The living cost in Green Valley is much higher than the national average, and housing prices are also very high. The result? You can expect a 39% greater expense for food alone–married with children; you’ll be spending nearly 100%. This might not appear so bad at first but keep this number next time your bank statement comes through if it’s just yourself or single without dependents.

In Green Valley, the cost of living is 39% higher than the California average.  The residents enjoy a 96% increase over state and national averages when it comes to their housing costs, which are 257 percent more expensive on average.

It’s no secret that Green Valley is one of the safest cities in America. With its low crime rates, it comes as little surprise to learn why this neighborhood has become so popular with people looking for great schools and incredible outdoor activities without having too many worries about safety on their vacations or business trips outside its borders.

Green Valley is a safe haven for those who want to feel protected. The Green Valley Crime Rates are significantly lower than the national average, and violent crimes rates here have been recorded at only 84%. In this city, you’re 258 times less likely to become a victim of crime when compared with cities across America.

The income per capita in the neighborhood of Green Valley is 144% higher than the national average. The median household income is 21% greater, and male earnings are 41% than female. Additionally, it has an unemployment rate 75 lower than most other areas on this list, and its poverty level at 92 percent lower than what we see nationally.

The success of Green Valley schools can be seen in the statistics. For instance, nearly all residents are educated past 8th grade, with 94% completing high school and 44% earning bachelor’s degrees or higher.

Green Valley is a beautiful area to live in with its low population density. The median age in this area is 70% higher than in California, which makes you feel like the only one who matters for once. And don’t worry about not knowing anyone- out of 100%, 95% white people live here, believe it or not, there really isn’t any racism whatsoever towards other races, so don’t let those scary headlines get you worked up (or maybe just go ahead and move already).

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