Hercules is a small town in California, located near American Canyon and with an estimated population of 25,011 people as well. Besides, Hercules, CA, is a great place to live with excellent livability and is the 226th ranked city in California. This neighborhood ranks better than 70% of its surrounding areas when it comes to this criterion – so if you’re looking for an up-and-coming area that scores high on all forms of quality life, then look no further.

In Hercules, the average cost of living is 9% higher than the California average and 53% higher than the national average. Housing prices are 114 percent more expensive as well.

In the small town of Hercules, California, you have a better chance at being safe from crime than 65% of cities across America. The reason? Low violent and property crimes rates make this city an attractive option for those who want to live their lives without worry about becoming victims. With 42 percent lower crime rates than national averages and 68% fewer violent acts committed against residents on their block or street, respectively – there is less chance for you to get mugged while living in this community.

Hercules has a higher-than-average income per capita, and the median household incomes are 86% greater than national averages. The unemployment rate in this area is 22% lower than on average across all states, which makes it an interesting place to live as well. Additionally, male workers earn 41% more on average than females in this community, and there are lower poverty rates (66% lower) than most other places around America.

The education system in Hercules is not as good compared to other areas of California. The school test scores are 11% lower than average, and there are about five public schools that serve students’ needs here. Almost 92 percent have completed 8th grade, which can be seen as an indicator for how well they will do with their future educational plans; 90 percent also feel confident finishing high school on time or earning one altogether due out college entrance requirements being met before graduation day arrives at least.

In Hercules, the population density is 1424% higher than that of California. The median age also tends to be older, with an 11% difference between the two states’ averages for this measure (the cutoff point where you would say someone’s aging rate has started). And while 22 percent of residents are White, 18% of residents are Blacks, and more than half – 53%- identify their race as Asian.

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