Jordan Jr Hgh School, Palo Alto is a neighborhood located about 4.2 miles away from Mountain View with an estimated population of 1,477 people. This Mountain View neighborhood has an exceptional livability score and ranks 32nd in California, outranked only by 93% of its surrounding neighborhoods. This means this location offers better living conditions than most areas around it–and you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit here with all these advantages such as excellent schools and high-quality groceries.

Jordan Junior Hgh School is a safer place to be than 95% of the cities in California. The crime rates are 68% lower, and violent crimes have been reduced by 85%. In Jr high, you have a 1 out 127 chance that would experience any kind 83%-98 less likely.

In Jordan Jr Hgh School, the income per capita is much higher than the national average. This statistic speaks volumes about how well-off residents here really are, and it could be an indication of why their education system ranks amongst some of the best out there. With a median household earning figure at 243% greater than what you would expect if this data were taken overall, possible reasons range from good jobs with high salaries. The unemployment rate in Jordan is 11% higher than the national average. The poverty level is also equal to that found nationwide, making it difficult for many residents there who are struggling financially with everyday living costs.

The cost of living in this neighborhood is a whopping 133% higher than the Palo Alto average and 229% higher than national averages for both food & shelter. Housing prices are 698% greater than the U.S. average as well.

In this neighborhood, the school test scores are 64% higher than the national average. There is only one public high school in this city, so it’s not really surprising to see such an impressive statistic. 98.2 percent of residents here have completed 8th grade; 98% of residents graduate from high school with their last grades before they head off into adulthood (and many will continue studying). And finally – 86%; that’s how many people get bachelor degrees after graduating college.

The population of Jordan Jr High is more diverse than it may seem on the surface. Looking at these statistics, you’ll see that over one-third (35%) are Asian, while there’s also a few significant African American communities, with only 0.5% representing their race alone. And come to think about it – about 61% of people living in this area identify themselves as White.

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