Kensington is a quaint, quiet neighborhood located about 18.4 miles away from American Canyon, CA area, with an estimated population of 5602 people. Kensington in California is just one of many neighborhoods that rank highly when it comes to livability. This area ranked 31st out of all cities in CA, which makes this an excellent choice for someone who wants top-quality living with low crime rates and has one of the best scores when compared with other neighborhoods around it–it outshines 94%.

The cost of living in Kensington is not for the faint-hearted. With an average monthly wage that’s 42% higher than California, it becomes clear why so many people choose to move here and enjoy life at a much more affordable rate! Housing costs are also 268 percent greater when compared nationally, but if you’re looking at buying things like furniture or appliances – all bets could be off since they will have obviously gone up over time too, due to higher rates being what they are now (especially given recent hikes).

Kensington is a much safer place to live than the United States as a whole! With crime rates at 61% lower and violent crimes 76% less likely, you have a 1 in 103 chance (or mere decimal fraction) of becoming a victim here.

Kensington has a high income per capita, with residents making 144% more than the national average. Residents also enjoy 154 percent higher median household incomes and lower unemployment rates at 48%. Despite these benefits of living in Kensington, there is still much work to be done as 56% fewer people live below the poverty level here than other parts of America do overall. Additionally, Kensington real estate prices are 97% higher than the California average. But that’s not all-Rental properties in this area cost 54% more as well.

Kensington is a hotspot for education. The school test scores in this area are 63% higher than the national average, and there is approximately 1 public school with an excellent reputation to go along with it. 99% of people who live here have completed 8th grade; likewise, they all received their high-school degrees too. Besides, 83.5% of people in this area have completed a bachelor’s degree. This makes it seem like an ideal place to raise children or get your education finished up.

This is a diverse city with plenty of things to offer. The population density in Kensington is 2212% higher than in California, while the median age lasts 42% longer, and 77.69% of all residents are white, 1.73% are Black, and 14.23% are Asian.

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