For those looking to move to the Bay Area, Lafayette, located 7.4 miles away from Martinez, is a great place. With its close proximity and convenient location to Oakland, it’s easy for residents of all kinds – from students at UC Berkeley or workers on their lunch break — to get around town quickly. The prices are reasonable considering how beautiful this part-suburban area can be when you take advantage of one of its many hiking trails.

Imagine foggy mornings and windy days, but in addition to that, you can enjoy some great seafood at one of the many locals’ restaurants. Lafayette isn’t just your average beach community either; there’s plenty more going on here than meets the eye–from shopping districts filled With chic boutiques like Peebles storefront or Curve magazine headquarters (notably run by two women!), arts festivals throughout summer months where musicians perform live outside museums while audiences wander among exhibits capturing their imagination.

The area of Lafayette is a perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a quiet life with plenty going on around town. The people are kind and welcoming; there’s always something interesting happening in one coffee shop or another (and they all smell wonderful!). And don’t forget about our beautiful parks – everyone deserves some time outdoors after all.  Besides, living in a sparse suburb of Lafayette offers residents plenty to do. Most enjoy the outdoors, and many own their homes, which is uncommon for those who live there as renters or BART commuters from San Francisco commute into town each day.

Many retirees choose to live in Lafayette for its economical and beautiful scenery. The public school system is highly rated, which means that your children will have a great education when they go off into the world as well.

Some of the best public schools in Lafayette are Campolindo, Miramonte, and Acalanes. But there is much more than just academics at these prestigious institutions – they also provide an excellent atmosphere for students to learn together with dedicated teachers who care deeply about their success. With so many choices available, it’s easy enough to decide where you want your kids educated; all that remains now will be finding out what type of learning environment fits them best.

Lately, there have been multiple changes happening in the city of Lafayette. For instance, with just over 26 thousand people living here – it’s one of those places where you can find anything from housing to nightlife. The median home value in Lafayette is $1,428,900, and the median rent shoots up to over two thousand dollars. The city offers a lot for those who want it with easy access from I-10 as well as downtown areas which offer more shops but less violence than other parts of town making living here very pleasant despite its affordability.

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