Martinez is a suburban community in the East Bay with about  38,290 residents. It’s located about 6.4 miles away from Concord, CA area, and has many perks for those who live there, including an urban feel despite being surrounded by farmland on all sides as well as low crime rates when compared to other areas within Contra Costa County.

This is a city of awesome restaurants and coffee shops, with many young professionals living there. Residents often have moderate political views, which makes for some great conversation at your favorite watering hole or cafe! The public schools in Martinez are highly rated- so whether you’re looking into sending the kids off on their next educational adventure (or staying up late yourself), this might be where we should send them.

A Martinez median home value of $596,400 is a steal for those who are looking to live in an area with more amenities. It’s also close enough that you can easily get out into nature and explore all its beauty.

In Martinez, 14% of residents have a master’s or higher degree, and 27% possess one or more bachelor’s degrees. About 36 percent hold an associate degree along with 19 percent coming from high school graduates only; 4% are completing their education by earning less than what is needed for graduation status too.

Martinez has some of the best public schools in California. Top Public Schools Serving Martinez: Alhambra Senior High School, College Park High School, and Morello Park Elementary school are all within reach when you live here! If your family wants to get involved with their local community or if they want more educational opportunities beyond what’s offered at these three awesome locations, then look no further than Valhalla, which offers independent study classes for students who need them most- it’ll be worth every minute spent researching programs available because there truly isn’t anywhere else like our little town that.

The area is a friendly, safe place to call home. With an exceptional Livability Score and low crime rates, Martinez has become the envy of California as well as other states within its region; such behavior attracts people from all over who want what this area offers! In addition to being welcoming on visitors’ senses with beautiful weather year-round (aside from those pesky rainstorms), clean air quality which results in fewer allergies than you would find elsewhere) coupled with excellent schools makes life here really worthwhile – not to mention affordable housing costs that are 20% below average compared to even just local rental prices.

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