Midtown is a neighborhood located about 3.5 miles away from Mountain View, CA area,  with an estimated population of 10,437 people. This is a Mountain View neighborhood in Palo Alto that has an exceptional livability score and ranks 56th of all California neighborhoods. This area is better than 88% of its surrounding neighborhoods when it comes to living quality-of-life.

Midtown, CA, is a haven for law-abiding citizens. In Midtown, you’re 30% less likely than average to get mugged and 77% less likely to be a victim of violent crime. You have 1 chance in 58 on your hands when it comes to being assaulted or raped here, too, because there are so many other criminals around who want what’s yours as well. This low crime rate makes it safer than 85% of the neighborhoods in California.

The income per capita here is 143% higher than the national average, which means that people living here are wealthier. The median household income for this area has been shown to be 168% higher than the U.S. average. The unemployment rate in the neighborhood of Midtown is 2% lower than the national average. This means that people who live and work here can find a job easily, which makes them very fortunate indeed. The median earnings for males living within this area are 41% higher than females’ corresponding figure.

Midtown is a great neighborhood to live, work, and play in. Midtown has many public schools with average school test scores that are 75% higher than the national average. 97.5% of people in this area have completed 8th grade-a huge accomplishment for any city but especially one where there are so few adults available due on an hourly basis (and even fewer who can offer full-time care). And while some neighborhoods may be more diverse or safer, others still fall short when it comes down to choosing what’s best about their community: students’ high school graduation rates – at 97.5% and 81% of the residents with a bachelor’s degree.

The neighborhood is an area rich in culture and character. With its suburban feel, Midtown offers residents the perfect combination of urban living without being too far from nature’s beauty that you can find out in all corners of our beautiful state. From restaurants to parks, this neighborhood has something for everyone who calls it home – be sure not to miss your chance to snuggle up on one of those many green spaces just waiting for their turn under some trees while catching up on life or reading through one last book before summer starts again.

Besides, Midtown is a great place to live if you are looking for offices, restaurants, and nightlife. Median Home Value is $1,957 401 with median rent at $2,735 . There’s always something new happening, so it will never get boring.

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