Multi-Family, HOA




Pleasant Valley HOA consists of 138 high end residences varying in size from 3500 square feet to 4500 square feet; the residences are part of one of the largest retirement communities in California, with over 3500 properties. Background: Fire came through the forested area (bottom left of picture). Several homes that were part of the Pleasant Valley HOA burned, and the rest were significantly affected by smoke damage. This occurred during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pain Points:
● Sensitive nature of assisting an elderly community with multiple physical and mental
● Multiple stakeholders (including HO wanting to be part of every discussion). Critical
Control used a highly collaborative approach with homeowners, HOA board and the
Senior Executive General Adjuster to manage all levels of needs.
● Ease of business – elevated discussions and delivery of information created an ease for
adjuster, broker and residents to take in necessary information.
Peace of mind solution:

  1. Dedicated customer interface coordinator – assigned specifically for this HOA to
    work within the community, be empathetic, and add a personal touch to support
    distraught residents. Helped to reiterate special needs and requests that residents
    imparted regarding their interiors and exteriors.
  2. The adjuster and broker greatly benefitted from:
    ● Consistent communication from the CSR dedicated to be resident facing,
    intercept phone calls, and field questions directly from homeowners.
    ● Turning a stressful situation for the population into an intimate and caring
    ● Critical Control’s close work with adjuster and broker and continuous messaging
    with both parties’ desire to do the best for their customers.
    ● During COVID – extra precautions were taken to have team members schedule
    remediating areas of the home to minimize intrusion. Covid disinfection protocol
    was implemented post smoke and fire remediation.
    ● Cleaning and removal of insulation and HVAC ducting.
    ● Leveraging maintenance division: Soft wash of exteriors; cleaning of gutters,
    windows and full particle removal for screens.
  3. Ease of business solutions for adjuster:
    ● Leveraging technology to its fullest potential – the off-site adjuster was
    provided with regular 3D mapping to see progress and ensure meetings would be
    effective & collaborative.
    ● Adjuster did not have to come on-site – during Covid19 pandemic
    ● Helped reconcile claim – Spreadsheets with costs coded, depreciation
    calculations, hours per category for structure and contents were built out to aid
    the adjuster in reconciling the claim effectively.
    ● Created ease during a time of high caseload volume and complexity.
    Critical Control created peace of mind service for all parties:
    ● Successful remediation of all 138 structures
    ● 5 Star Reviews from HOA President, Adjuster and Broker
    ● Minimized work delays
    ● Ensured all Covid19 safety protocols were in place
    ● Adjuster saved what he estimated to be 30+ hours on the claim due to the
    documentation, reporting and breakdowns made available to him by the
    Critical Control team
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