North Gate is a neighborhood located about 4.4 miles away from Clayton, with about 465 people in total, making it the perfect place to start your day. This is a great place to live with excellent livability scores. It’s the 190th ranked city in California and 7362nd ranked out of all places across America. This area ranks better than 74% for its surrounding areas when considering only population size, so if you’re looking into moving here, then check them out.

North Gate offers great living conditions to people who are looking for an affordable place that’s not too far from the Bay Area. In North Gate, the cost of living is 10% lower than the California average but 27% higher than national norms. Housing here costs 128% more on average than other parts of America.

This is a safe place to live. North Gate’s crime rates are on par with the national average, and violent crimes can happen to anyone in this city too. But don’t worry; there’s plenty of ways you can make your experience here one that’ll leave nothing but happy memories behind – even if it means taking care when walking through busy intersections or avoiding certain areas altogether (like those alleys near my work).

This is a rich and beautiful city with an amazing economy. The unemployment rate and poverty level here are both lower than national averages, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for those looking to make it big. The income per capita is 250% higher than average, and male median earnings are 41% greater than female counterparts too. Unemployment rates here also happen to be 80 percent lower when compared with the rest of America – not surprising given all we’ve got going on in this beautiful city.

North Gate has a great school system with test scores that rank among the best in America. 90% of those living there have completed 8th grade, and 89 percent finish high school. Additionally, only 59% complete their bachelor’s degree after putting down roots here – something we’re proud to call ours as well. North Gate is an ideal place for people looking to start over from scratch–not just because it’s home but also due to its highly rated schools which make education accessible no matter what your background or goals may be.

In North Gate, real estate prices are the lowest in California. Rental costs for properties located there are also much lower than in other areas of our state, meaning that if you’re looking to get out from under-priced housing markets like San Francisco, then this may just be your ticket.

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