Old Palo Alto is a picturesque neighborhood just outside of Mountain View, CA. With an estimated population of 3,564 people and located about 4.3 miles away from Mountain View, it offers residents many amenities for living life well, including restaurants and parks.

The Old Palo Alto neighborhood in the Bay Area is a place where you can live peacefully and enjoy your surroundings. This 49th ranked California city has an exceptional livability score, which makes it better than 89%of its surrounding neighborhoods when considering the quality of life as well.

The neighborhood of Old Palo Alto is a much safer place than its counterparts around the country. The crime rate has been shown to be 22% lower than the U.S. average, while violent crimes are 81% less frequent here as well. You’ll have about 1/52 chance of experiencing criminal activity when you visit or live in this neighborhood which makes it safer than 84 percent of California cities, making this beautiful Bay Area community even more inviting.

In Old Palo Alto, the median household income is 249% higher than the national average. This implies that, for every $1 earned by a person living there compared to someone without residency, an additional dollar goes towards purchasing goods and services, which results in great economic stability even during tough times.

The income per capita here asserts 303% more of what we’re used to: ordinary people get paid about 3/4 times as much after you adjust for cost factors such things prices or taxes etc., so they can afford better quality items while also having money left over.

The unemployment rate here is 60% lower than the national average. This implies that if you’re looking for work, it’s much easier to find a job with employment opportunities here. The median earnings of males are 41% higher than females. Finally, the poverty level among residents falls at an equal percent with the U.S. average, which matches up closely against our modern-day statistics on how many Americans live below this line or survive comfortably above it (depending upon family size).

The high school test scores in this area are equal to the national average. 99% of people have completed 8th grade, while 97% have finished their high-school education, and 87% also have an undergraduate degree under their belts, too – impressive for such a small neighborhood.

The cost of living in this amazing neighborhood is a whopping 238% higher than the national average. The housing prices there are 731% higher as well, making it nearly impossible for those who can’t afford such high costs to live comfortably or buy homes here.

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