Pittsburg, CA, is a city about 5.7 miles away from Clayton area, with an estimated population of 67,998 people living here. Living in Pittsburgh gives its residents a dense suburban feel, and most people own their homes. Parks are abundant throughout the city, so it’s easy for families to find somewhere green where they can enjoy time together. Residents tend to be liberal, with Pittsburg being one of many cities across America which reflect our vibrant democracy.

Pittsburg, California, has a poor livability score and ranks 1178th out of cities in California. This area does better than 7% of its surrounding areas because it’s not as bad-ish according to these rankings. The cost of living here is 4% lower than the California average. That means you can get by with a smaller paycheck when it comes to your monthly expenses and still enjoy all that this great city has to offer! Housing costs are 52% higher than the U.S. here too – which will make sure there’s always time left over for fun activities or treating yourself every now again.

In Pittsburg, the crime rate is 15% higher than the national average. Violent crimes are 60% higher here, and you have a 1 in 35 chance of becoming victims yourself. However, all hope isn’t lost because this does not mean that everyone living there has criminal tendencies or an inclination towards unlawful behavior–it just means they possess more opportunities for it to happen.

The area of Pittsburg has seen an unfortunate trend in income. The median household incomes are lower than average, and male earners earn 41% more than females who work for pay here too. Additionally, the unemployment rate is much higher at 68%. And lastly, poverty levels also stand out as being 2% greater when compared to the national average, which results from fewer economic opportunities available to locals due to buying lack of taxes on rich people’s money funneled back into our communities through things like education or job creation initiatives among other things.

The average Pittsburg school test scores are 44% lower than the national average. Education levels in this area show an interesting pattern: Six percent of residents have a master’s degree or higher, 15% hold bachelor’s degrees, and 32% completed some college/associate’s degree as well as high school diploma or equivalent qualifications–a group that accounts for 26%. The best public schools in Pittsburg are Dozier-Libbey Medical High School, Delaine Eastin Elementary School, Horizons School: Independent Study, Sequoia Elementary School, and Antioch Charter Academy.

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