Pittsburgh is a city in the East Bay, located near Concord, CA with 71,422 people. Pittsburgh is a great place to live with its large tract of land, the bay view from every window, and plenty of activities for visitors or residents.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful, green city that offers residents the feel of living in an urban setting with plenty of parks. The population has grown diverse over time; many new families are moving here, and they tend to be liberal too.

Living in Pittsburg, CA, the median home value is $386K, and rent prices average at just under $2k per month. The area feels like a bustling city with all its urban amenities, such as top-rated schools that offer great quality education for your kids or newly constructed community centers where you can take advantage of fitness classes while meeting old friends from school.

Pittsburgh has a large population with diverse backgrounds. The city itself is known for its universities, schools, and colleges that provide an excellent educational opportunity to anyone regardless of their income level or where they come from in this country- 25% were born outside Pennsylvania. Master’s degree or higher 6% Bachelor’s diploma 10%. Some college 8%, Associate’s Degree 3%.

The first thing to know about living in Pittsburgh is that there are top public schools serving this city. The Dozier-Libbey Medical High School, Delaine Eastin Elementary School, and Horizons School: Independent Study offer several educational programs for students from preschool through college level attendance as well as online courses if they’re unable or unwilling to leave home during their schooling hours (which many parents do). Next on my list is Sequoia Elementary which has been around for several decades; it provides quality learning facilities.

Living in Pittsburgh is considered to be a pretty bad place. It has an overall Livability Score of 53/100, which makes it one of the poorest cities on this list. Crime rates are 3% higher than average for California, and also, slightly more 911 calls come from people living there with no dispatchers or volunteer firefighters available as first responders (which means you’ll have longer wait times). The cost-of-living index shows how expensive things through purchasing power parity puts them at 4% lower prices when compared across state lines – but don’t forget that real estate prices here are 31 percent less costly than those found right next door down south where Silicon Valley reigns supreme. That being said, rental properties seem fairly priced, considering they’re 11% higher than the CA average.

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