Pleasant Hill, CA, is a great neighborhood to call home with its close proximity to many fascinating areas and historic sites. It’s only 18 miles away from American Canyon, California, which makes this neighborhood easy for you to get around if moving here would be an option on your list. This beautiful neighborhood has about 34395 people who call it home.

Pleasant Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in California. It has excellent livability with an index score that ranks it 221st out of all cities in the state and 8184th overall for U.S. ranking. The area also compares favorably against 72% of its surrounding areas, which makes this location more desirable than others around here.

In Pleasant Hill, the cost of living is 22% higher than the California average. This means that you’ll need a little extra cash on hand, depending on how big your household is and what expenses are important to you. Besides, the cost of living is 72% higher than theU.S. average. The difference becomes even more notable when looking at housing prices, which are 176% greater than what they would be on a national level.

In the city of Pleasant Hill, CA, there are 80% more crimes than average. In addition, violent crime is 34% lower, and property crime is 1 in 23 chances for you as a resident to become a victim here. It would seem that this peaceful suburb has one-of-a-kind qualities making it safer than 22% of cities across CA, which can be seen through its low numbers.

The area has a higher median income, lower unemployment rate, and above-average educational attainment. The town also boasts an impressive growth in housing values that’s been happening for quite some time now.

The income per capita is 58% higher than the national average. The median household income is 69% higher compared to the national average. Earnings for men are also 41% higher than women, which accounts for some of this discrepancy between male and female earnings levels across town. Additionally, unemployment rates are 15% lower here while the poverty level drops 47%.

The school test scores in this area are 8% higher than the U.S. average. There are 15 public schools, where 96.5% of people have completed their eighth grade, and nearly 98 percent finished up with high school degrees. Of these numbers, 52 percent hold bachelor’s degrees with an additional other individual either currently achieving one or pursuing it actively; all-inclusive figures show this town has its act together.

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