Fairfax – Hike at Cascade Canyon

In case you’re looking for a hidden gem of the Bay Area, look no further than Cascade Canyon. You’ll find trails that lead through picturesque scenery and connect with so many other popular spots near Fairfax, CA. The best part? It’s just north of Mount Tamalpais watershed lands (Pine Mountain).

This hidden gem is bordered to the north by White Hill Open Space Preserve and westward on Pine Mountain. The three properties blend into a large but still little-known parcel of recreation land laced with trails and fire roads just outside Mount Tamalpais watershed–a hidden treasure trove that would be perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

You’ll never forget your first time in the woods. It’s a magical feeling, and there are few things more exciting than getting lost on a hike with all those trees around you! But be careful–this preserve is littered with signs warning about hiking restrictions or road closures due to wildfires, so make sure not to miss any important info from maps posted along Cascade Drive.

The views from the top of Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve are truly spectacular. In case you’d like to explore it bottom-to-top, make sure and take a 3.6 mile round trip hike at Burnt Tree Fire Road end along In The Woods 880 feet in elevation gain on your way up high enough that when looking down into this beautiful canyon below, there will be no doubt as what makes Oregon such a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. One option is combining all four sites mentioned above: MMWD (Mighty Mouse Waterfall) Giacomini OSP Trail System plus White Hill OSP area – these trails string together Ridge fire road, HighWater Trail, Blue Wagon Wheel trail, and middle fire road.

The hike to Cascade Falls is a beautiful spot in late winter when the falls are full and wildflowers abundant. It’s located at the end of a wide trail on a fire road that leads up from the access gate along Tamarancho Scout Camps property line, where you must obtain an advance permit before venturing any further into these higher reaches of preserve land. Bicycles can be present, but please yield if encountered so other visitors may experience this pristine natural area as well.

Take a walk on the wide multi-use trail, and you will find yourself trekking through California bay, buckeye woods, where toyon trees are abundant with their understory of monkeyflower and poison oak. Look out for Indian warrior flowers in March! Black oaks can be seen along this path, particularly on your left, as it climbs steeply up towards Middle Fire Road at 0.45 miles when Cascade fire road becomes evident to turn into (or continue straight).

Creek and trees line the trail as it follows a gentle grade. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the well-shaded path, which leads to an open area where there are plenty of opportunities for photography or other activities like panning in rivers near their banks with rock collectors at hand if one desires them; this section also provides access points along its length so that equestrians may use these paths too after reaching those sections via bridges over creeks.

Hike at Deer Park Parking Area & Trailhead
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