Fairfax – Hike at Cataract Falls

This is a 4.5 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail situated near Stinson Beach, California, that features a lake and is moderately rated. The hiking path can be accessed year-round, but dogs should always wear their leash while walking on it due to the animals which live in this area (some of which may not want humans interacting with them).

The entire series of Cataract Falls on Mount Tam is probably one the most beautiful waterfalls in Marin County, and it’s not hard to see why. The calm, serene sound that these falls make can take you back centuries if your heart desires.

The Cataract Trail is a favorite hiking destination for many people and can be accessed at either the near Fairfax-Bolinas Road pullout or staging areas on West Ridgecrest Road. The trailhead near Laurel Dell offers an opportunity to begin your hike from there by following all 6 miles that make up this segment of it – about 2 hours’ worth in total distance if you’re going straight through.

Cataract Falls is a hiking trail in Marin County that takes you past several waterfalls and has some great views. To reach the falls, take Bolinas Fairfax Road up to where it crosses over Alpine Lake onto Cataract Trail, which leads all throughout CaliforniaBay Area hillsides with scattered cascading fallowers along its entirety – something for everyone.

This hike offers a great experience with scattered waterfalls along its entirety, making it perfect for any adventure seeker who wants an unforgettable day trip. The trailhead starts off from Bolinas Fairfax Road just past Alpine Lake and follows Cataract Creek north through shaded forests before climbing uphill to cross several streams at Laurel Dell picnic area, where you can rest after your long trekking journey.

The Helen Markt Trail is a wonderful place to enjoy the falls and picnic area. After passing through, you’ll start descending towards upper cataracts with an amazing view of them from your hike down. At this junction, there’s also plenty of space for taking a break in between both trails: stop by if you need some time away but don’t want too much distance between yourself and nature- which only beauty can provide.

The trail to the falls has a little bit of everything. You’ll get your cardio as well as strength training in with an elevation gain that will make you sweat buckets, but it’s worth every step! If this is not enough for ya’, don’t worry because there are other ways to extend your walk: from starting at Rock Spring Trailhead.

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