Fairfax – Hike at Deer Park Parking Area & Trailhead

Deer Park Loop is a 3.293 miles moderately trafficked loop trail situated near Fairfax, California that offers the chance to see wildlife with its diverse habitats, including open fields and forested areas as well! Dogs are also able to use these trails but must be kept on a leash since it can get pretty wild sometimes – especially during mating season when they’re most active at night time (which you’ll want your pup around then).

At Deer Park, Hikers can choose from a variety of trails to make their hike more interesting. On one visit, you can try out 7 different paths in just under 3 miles – there is plenty for all sorts of preferences and abilities. You’ll never get bored on the easy ones or long-distance hikes with this many options available here.

Also, the staging area and extensive trail network favor family expeditions. The picnic area provides a perfect place for your little ones to explore, or you can take one of the short but easy hikes on offer that are just right if this is what we’re looking at as parents. Be mindful, though- School Trail (aka Ridge Trail) heads west away from schools, so don’t choose it unless there’s no other option in mind because doing things like climbing through woods while being surrounded by them isn’t very fun, even when they aren’t poisoned oak trees…

There are some short steep stretches and one brief rocky scramble that is easier to tackle as an ascent. If this concerns you, reverse the directions below! Start from the roadside parking area by walking toward your left side of the school building; look for an unsigned path at the far end, which will lead into a grassy field before arriving back on Deer Park Trail (or vice versa).

The Yolanda Trail is a hidden gem to be found only by those who are brave enough and strong enough. The hike ascends gently through the woods, with occasional forays into grassy spaces that allow you some relief from your journey on this mountain top; other than these breaks, there’s not much else but trees around every corner until finally reaching Madrone tree species which dominate over all others in terms of size or abundance here at Bald Hill National Recreation Area. This area has an interesting ecosystem filled with California bay trees as well! Alongside them can also be seen buckeyes (a type of walnut), coast live oak, among many more types one might expect when visiting such terrain.

Directions to Deer Park, from Sir Francis Drake Road. Drive west on Fairfax at the stoplight in town and then turn left onto Claus when you reach it. Continue straight through one more intersection before making an immediate left onto Broadway, which will take about a mile or so of driving up into hillsides with winding roads perfect for scenic views as well! Once there, make another right onto Bolinas road after just under 1/2 mile; continue along this Main Street-like highway until reaching Porteous Dr., where your final destination should be visible ahead – go past all signs directing visitors towards “The preserve” (which houses restrooms)and follow its curvy asphalt twists down.

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