Fairfax – Hike at Phoenix Lake

Phoenix Lake near Fairfax, is one of the most popular places for outdoor recreation in Marin. It’s located on Marincural Water District lands and sits at its base near Ross with an elevation of feet – making it kid-friendly. There are short hiking trails that lead up to this great mountain lake as well as flat paths where biking or rollerblading would be appropriate too-perfect if you want a day trip but don’t have hours available.

A family hike will allow kids plenty of room to talk about anything under the sun while they ascend Mt Tamalpais’ gentle slopes (or just enjoy being outdoors).

Hikers, mountain bikers, and dog-owners alike will love the numerous trails that Phoenix Lake has to offer. There’s a lot going on here: from more challenging hikes with steep terrain for those who want it or less paved paths if you’re feeling like walking your pet is enough exercise.

The best access t the Lake is the small parking lot situated in Ross’s Natalie Coffin Greene Park. Finding Parking here can be tough, but it’s worth the effort if you’re looking for an amazing lake view with gorgeous natural scenery. On weekends try coming early before 11 am or else wait around Lagunitas Road and see if anyone leaves their car there, so they don’t have to deal with driving home later. Weekdays are easier because fewer people come during these times- just remember, however, that even then, this park does fill up quickly depending on how nice of weather we’ve been having recently, so plan accordingly.

Natalie Coffin Greene Park is a great place to take the kids on an outdoor adventure. The picnic area has wonderful views, and there’s plenty of space between structures so you don’t feel cramped and it also includes bridges that children love running across! You can check out what goes down in Phoenix Lake Creek or get your feet wet without even leaving the comfort zone by wading through its waters as well. If hiking sounds like too much work, then make sure to stop at one end where they’ve got this incredible artificial waterfall that provides some spectacular footage during winter/springtime months–you won’t regret checking it out.

When you’re at the top of this hill, which will be after climbing from Phoenix Lake for about 3 miles on either side (take your pick), there are views to die for. You can go left or right when facing forward. The path along these cliffs is wide and easy-going while also being scenic; in other words, perfect for hiking with baby carriers as well so that they don’t get too tired out before getting home safely – especially if it’s wet outside.

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