Fairfax – Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a 128-acre cemetery that has been enhancing natural beauty for over 100 years. The serene and welcoming nature of this site is enhanced by artful landscaping, statuary, ever-present family members to linger among loved ones’ gravesites who now rest peacefully here in peace. With Memorial’s personalization options available at affordable prices, it will be difficult not to find some sort of meaningful expression on your final resting place.

Their idyllic setting is a place for peace and reflection. Stately trees punctuate lush green lawns, blending harmoniously with the natural landscape in our theme gardens which feature statuary from all around the world! The memorial sites offer many choices: flush level bronze markers mark traditional ground plots while mausoleums or columbaria can be purchased to honor your loved ones on higher levels; personal family side-by Cary crypts provide additional space next door at no extra cost if you’re looking into enclosing part of their memory here instead–whatever speaks most volumes about who they were as an individual person lives on forever inside these walls where new memories grow alongside time-honored traditions passed down through generations before us.

Grief counseling is available to grieving families seven days a week. Counselors are professional and compassionate.

The trees in Memorial Park are a beautiful reminder of peace and serenity, making this the perfect place to spend time away from distractions. The old stone markers with their simple inscriptions will make you feel like you’re visiting an ancestral gravesite – or at least that’s what it feels like when you visit.

Memorial Park is located just outside the city of Fairfax area at a quiet intersection, making it accessible to all who live in Northern Virginia and D.C. The cemetery has been one of our state’s premier cemeteries for over 100 years because they continue with tradition while innovating new ideas that will help them keep up-to-date on modern burial practices!

Memorial park sits on Burke Station Road, where there’s plenty of space between gravesites as well as lots more green grass than you would typically find elsewhere around town—the preserve area provides peace not only spiritually but physically too.

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