Fairfax – Peri’s Bar

Peri’s Bar, situated 29 Broadway Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930-1622, is an institution. Established in the 1930s, Charles Peri Sr.’s original vision for this iconic dive bar remains true today: a place to escape from life’s stressors with cold drinks and friendly patrons while feeling so relaxed you might even forget your troubles altogether.

The Peri family is one of Fairfax’s most iconic clans, and they continue to bring a bit more class than anyone else. In fact, it was Michael’s grandfather who started this whole affair about nine decades ago when he built his now famous joint around the corner from Federal Hill called “Peris’ Bar.” He passed on duty down through four generations before being handed off onto Chuck-the owner.

At Peri’s, patrons have found solace in more ways than one. Whether it be with the drinks or live music that is always on offer and provides a down-home feeling while they’re there, this bar has become an essential staple of life for many people who call themselves friendless thanks to all its offerings.

Their main patio is a wonderful place to hang out, and it’s where they host Weekend Music On The Patio series Friday-Sunday afternoons, which showcases acoustic acts from bluegrass to rock – all with an emphasis on melody.

The Peri’s amazing backyard garden is where you can go have one of their tasty drinks under the trees. You’ll enjoy great conversations with strangers, play ping-pong or just chill out in an oasis amidst roses and redwoods while watching your favorite sports game on TV. This awesome space has everything to offer – from outdoor seating for more than twenty people, to great live music, and even a billiard room if anyone wants some friendly competition between friends. 

You can find the best of both worlds at Peri’s. The bar is old-school and full of tradition, with great music to match! It’s a place where everyone in Fairfax county knows how much fun they’re going to have on weekends because it has dancing as well as plenty more surprises up its sleeve.

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