Petaluma – Arts Center

It was in June 1998 that the Petaluma Arts Council was established as a grassroots effort to recognize and honor local artists and their accomplishments, as well as to engage the entire community in the appreciation, involvement, and acknowledgement of art as an enriching component of our daily lives. Petaluma Arts Council opened the Arts Center in September 2008, with the support of the City of Petaluma and a generous donor, in the historic Railroad Depot Freight Building, right next door to the Petaluma Visitors Center. The Arts Center is a 4,500 square foot facility that houses a variety of exhibitions and events.

This center’s aim is to raise understanding, appreciation, and expression of the cultural arts in Petaluma, CA and southern Sonoma County, as well as to promote the arts throughout the region. Throughout the year, the center hosts art exhibitions and provides community painting lessons.

PAC is looking forward to fostering a sense of community through art. Petaluma Arts Center is committed to developing the creative ability of the community by ensuring that art is an increasingly important and relevant component of everyday life. As part of our mission to realize our vision, Petaluma Arts Center attempts to create exhibitions that are new, inspirational, and significant. In addition, the center provides a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive venue for community events as well as a platform for a wide range of artistic expressions and experiences. Petaluma Arts and Cultural Center (PAC) contributes to the cultural and economic development of the city by providing creative and educational opportunities for people of all ages. By welcoming new audiences and different ways of seeing the world, the center helps to stimulate creative thinking.

According to the Petaluma Arts Center (PAC), significant factors within political, cultural, and economic systems are responsible for unequally granting access and recognition to artists. As a result, there may be a lack of representation for individuals of diverse communities. As a community arts center, they are committed to creating a welcoming environment where people can feel a sense of belonging, as well as being seen, heard, and understood by others. It is through expressing and accepting that cultural equity is crucial to a healthy and thriving community that they hold themselves accountable to this important job. It is possible to eliminate barriers to cultural equity and provide equal treatment and opportunity to people based on their race, color, ethnicity; gender identity; sexual orientation; age; religion; veteran status; (dis)ability; and socioeconomic status by removing barriers and providing equal treatment, access, and opportunity.

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