Fairfax – The Marin Museum of Bicycling

The Marin Museum of Bicycling is an institution that preserves the history of bicycles and culture. It’s home to many incredible pieces, such as bike frames from 1900 and one-of-a-kind mountain bikes dating back decades before they became popular.

The Marin Museum of Bicycling has something to delight both cyclists and non-cyclists alike in Fairfax, California. A highlight is the Igler Collection which includes original examples from the 1860s-1890s with fascinating evolution thereof on display! Another great feature at this Bicycle History Museum/Cultural Center is the Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, where they celebrate mountain bikers who have made history by riding these technically demanding trails across America.

This museum is a place where you can find anything from the early days to now. From old bikes that are worth more as pieces of history to new groundbreaking technology in transportation modes. They have a diverse range from the 20th-century road, track touring bicycles all the way back in time with some original 19th-century items too.

This Bicycle Museum, situated at 1966 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Fairfax, was established as an independent nonprofit organization by friends who were excited about preserving biking’s rich past for generations ahead, starting with their own children. Working closely with their sister location at Crested Butte College, they began designing displays that showcase some incredible bikes from 1868 onward; these are all on loan from private collectors or museums around the US, including George Hogshead’s collection, which includes antique racing automobiles dating back before race tracks even existed.

The Marin Museum of Bicycling is an all-volunteer-run museum that specializes in providing visitors with rich displays and information about bicycles. Tour guides are usually available to give tours for about 1 hour, so plan accordingly if your visit will only be brief or have specific areas you want to explore more deeply. Whether enthusiast or novice rider–you can’t help but gain greater understanding & appreciation from this experience.

The Bike Museum is also an event rental place that can make your special occasion even more memorable. This space has abundant natural light with high ceilings for optimum airflow to keep you cool. You can hold gatherings here while helping support their mission at this museum which strives to preserve California’s legacy as one of America’s top cycling regions.

The space is perfect for events like meetings, lectures, and movies. This beautiful venue can be configured with tables to suit your needs; it also has an extensive library filled with cycling books which you’re free to browse while waiting in line at the reception desk or bar.

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