Fairfax – The Marin Society of Artists

The Marin Society of Artists has been promoting the arts in our community for over 80 years, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. They partner with organizations to provide enriching opportunities that will broaden your understanding or just plain ol’ fun.

The MSA is proud to sponsor ongoing programs at the Art Centre and in our community that promote cultural enrichment. The main gallery houses new displays every month, most available for purchase.

At MSA, the arts are not just for artists. The public and under-served communities can explore their creativity through various activities that encourage them in life’s enrichment pursuits- even if it is something as simple as making paper flowers.

The Art Centre is a haven for artists of all levels who want to express themselves without boundaries. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or photography – you’ll find something here that suits your needs.

The Art Centre is a place for the artistic community. MSA believes that art enriches every life, no matter how old you are or what your skill level may be at any given moment; with their programs, anyone can take part and have an opportunity to learn from other people who share similar passions as they do themselves.

They offer opportunities to enjoy artwork, attend events with fellow creatives or get involved in the process by sharing your own work. The second floor of their gallery houses paintings from local as well as national/international artists who live nearby. Join them on Second Friday Art Walks at 5–8 pm, where you can explore what it means when we say “you are not alone” while walking through these gorgeous pieces that speak volumes about self-expression without words all around us.

Also, the Marin Society of Artists partners with other non-profits organizations to host workshops for blind and vision-impaired people. They provide a place where the creative process can be enjoyed by all, large or small hands alike.

This organization is situated 1515 3rd St E Street, San Rafael, CA 94901-2710, just 3.2 miles away from Fairfax, California area Scoop, and offers monthly exhibitions and provides a venue for the appreciation of artistic expression.

Marin Society of Artists is home to a Main Gallery and Flexible space for all types of arts events. Memberships can be purchased at inexpensive rates, as well as classes on creative topics such as art history or social media marketing – there’s something here that everyone will enjoy.

The Art Centre offers comfortable surroundings where you’ll find time in the day dedicated solely towards exploring your own creativity without feeling guilty about abandoning work sitting unfinished next door.

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