Port Costa is a small neighborhood located close to Oakland and about 8.1 miles away from Martinez area, with a population of over 180 people. It’s in Contra Costa County and has many scenic views for you or your family on weekends.

The beautiful but less-than-dense suburbs of Port Costa offer residents a dense suburban feel. Most people living here rent their homes in this area, and it’s easy to see why when you take into account its many amenities such as proximity to downtown shops and restaurants, amongst other things. Port Costa residents lean more towards the conservative side of politics.

Port Costa has plenty of great shopping and restaurants. The median rent in this area can be costly, but houses are affordable for those who want the same experience as living closer to San Francisco without all their traffic problems.  The median rent in Port Costa is $1,864. That’s not bad for a two-bedroom apartment.

The population of Port Costa is highly educated, with 16% holding master’s degrees or higher. This isn’t surprising given that many people commute to jobs in nearby cities like Benicia, which offer more opportunities for skilled labor than the town itself does on its own terms; however, there are still some encouraging statistics here worth noting: 47 percent have at least one college degree while just 21 percent completed high school alone – suggesting an appetite among locals who want better lives but don’t always know how yet.

When you live in Port Costa, it’s easy to have a relaxing and enjoyable lifestyle. The median household income is $181, 116 which means that there are plenty of opportunities for people who call this place home.

The top public schools in Port Costa are John Swett High School, Carquinez Middle School, and Willow Highschool. Rodeo Hills Elementary is also very popular for its quality teaching staff along with excellent facilities like gymnasiums or theatres where students can perform plays during free time. If you’re looking to enroll your children into an amazing education system without any hassle, then we would recommend checking these fantastic options before anything else.

You might think that living in Port Costa is dangerous, but the truth of the matter is you have a good chance for safety. For example, the violent crimes here are on par with national average levels – so what? This means someone else has their chances too. If anything, it just makes sure everyone plays by rules and stays safe while they’re out doing whatever may bring them joy or laughter during this time together as family members belonging to one fleshly body.

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