Port Costa, CA, is a small but thriving community located about 9.9 miles from American Canyon, with 228 people living there as well.

Port Costa is a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood of American Canyon with an exceptional livability score. This makes it 89th ranked city out of all cities across California. And to top that off, Port Costa ranks better than 87% of its surrounding areas when compared by overall quality-of-life measures such as livability score.

In Port Costa, California, the cost of living is 11% lower than the national average and 25% higher than that found across America. This makes it an amazing neighborhood to live in, with lots going on and plenty of fun things for visitors too. The housing market here usually runs about 19% higher than other parts of America as well- though you’ll still find some bargains if that’s what interests you most right now.

The neighborhood of Port Costa has the same average violent crime rate as the rest of our country. While there is always a chance for something bad to happen when living in any community or city-sized area, with rates like these, it’s hard not to feel safe. Port Costa is a safe place to live. The crime rates are low and violent crimes happen equally as often in Port Costa compared with the U.S. average, making it safer than 97% of the places you can find yourself.

The Port Costa area is home to some of the wealthiest people in America, with an income per capita 148% higher than average. The median household incomes are 147% greater and male earnings 41% higher than female counterparts too! Unemployment rates here are also much lower, at only 100%. This implies that regardless of what your skill set may be – there’s plenty of opportunity for success if you’re willing and able to work hard enough.

The people of Port Costa are intelligent and hard-working. They have completed secondary education at a high rate, with 88% of adults having attended 8th grade or more from their home country’s schooling system; they also continue onto postsecondary level programs like college degrees (40%).

The population density here is 463% greater than in California, while the median age is 21% higher as well. In addition, 100 percent white people live there too, making it a very Caucasian town indeed with all these factors considered together this makes for one interesting place to visit or reside.

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