Reliez Valley is a neighborhood located about 18.4 mi away from American Canyon, California area, and it has an estimated population of 3595 people.  Reliez Valley, CA, is an American Canyon neighborhood with a livability score that ranks 120th out of all cities and towns in California. This means it has higher ranking than 83% of its surrounding areas which makes this one great place to call home.

The cost of living in this exceptional neighborhood is certainly higher than California or the national average. Housing prices are also far more expensive, with a 288% price hike when compared to other areas around America.

Who wants to reside in a place that is not safe? Reliez Valley crime rates are well below the national average, and you have much less chance of becoming victims. For example, there’s only about an 18% chance for violent crimes here. This means your chances of becoming mugged or assaulted are very low…

Reliez Valley is a safe haven for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The crime rates are significantly lower in Relieve than they are nationwide, with violent crimes being 78% less common there compared to the national average–and you have about 1 chance per 190 residents becoming victims despite living among some of the toughest neighborhoods around.

There are many benefits of living in Reliez Valley. For example, the per capita income is 182% higher than average, while median earnings for males is 41% greater than females, which accounts for this difference in earning capacity between men and women within society today. It also has an unusually low unemployment rate of 40%. Lastly, poverty levels were 87% less likely to be seen among residents here versus national averages.

The average school test scores in Reliez are equal to the national average. It’s great news for local students, as their performance on these tests proves that they can compete with other schools nationwide. The percentages show how much work needs to be done if we want this area’s level of education and success rates to increase even more—96.4% have completed 8th grade; 96.3% graduated from high school, and 66% have attained a bachelor’s degree.

In Reliez Valley, the population density is 495% higher than in California, and the median age is 44% higher. In addition to this, there are 74.99% White citizens living among about 4.2 percent Black community (for those who identify as such). There are also about 14.02% Asian residents making this neighborhood a diverse society. 

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