In case you’re looking for a good neighborhood to call home with plenty of green space, then Richards is a perfect choice. This neighborhood, located about 2.2 miles away from West Sacramento area, has an estimated population of over 900 people.

Richards, Sacramento, CA, is a neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and ranks 18th out of all the neighborhoods in Sacramento. It also sits at number 161 for all California areas ranked by this criterion, meaning that it beats 76% of its surrounding communities when compared side-by-side on how well they live up to expectations based on their quality level amenities offered within those respective regions.

In Richards, the cost of living is 36% lower than the Sacramento average and 9% lower than the U.S. average. Housing prices are 68 % less excessive there as well. The people who live here enjoy a very comfortable standard livable wage, which helps them to afford an area with much better quality schools and infrastructure for businesses alike. The low expense ratio makes it easy on your wallet without sacrificing anything important like lifestyle or happiness.

In Richards, residents have a 1 in 30 chance of becoming a victim. And the crime rates are equal with the U.S. average, meaning that it’s safer than 97%–however, there is still some risk involved, especially if your personal beliefs don’t match those who live here.

The median household income in the area of Richards, Sacramento is 78% lower than the national average. The area of Richards has a lot going for it with great weather and an impressive infrastructure but one thing that may be holding individuals back from achieving their full potential? Low incomes.

This is a small neighborhood in the Sacramento area. The unemployment rate here stands at 224% higher than average for all other regions of America, making it one tough community to live without economic opportunity available if you’re looking into becoming employed or just trying your luck with finding work after being laid off from another company previously.

In the town of Richards, California, there are school scores that make up to be equivalent to what’s going on nationally. In total, 61% percent have finished 8th grade and 60% high-school completion rate as well, and 0% have attained bachelor’s degrees.

The city of Richards offers its residents an urban feel, with most living in the area renting. There are many liberal families that call this place their home, making it one-sidedly great for those who want to be exposed to different cultures.

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