San Miguel is a picturesque town in California, with a historic center and plenty of interesting shops. San Miguel is located about 6.2 miles away from Concord, CA, and has an amazing history with about 2,906 people calling it home, and there’s so much to see.

 Residents of San Miguel, CA,  have a rural feel and most residents own their homes. The city is considered liberal with an abundance of families that lean towards the left-wing side in politics or otherwise free-thinking overall.

In San Miguel, CA, the median home value is $330,100. The median rent in the area for a one-bedroom apartment goes for 1.639 dollars per month on average. The cost of living is 58% higher than the California average and 122% more expensive than national prices. Housing there costs 344 percent as much on par with other places across America, but you’ll find that life isn’t too bad if it’s affordable.

San Miguel is among the safest cities in America. Its crime rates are 79% lower than the national average, and violent crimes like murder or rape can be found almost three times less often here compared to other places (1 out of 190 chance). Additionally, it has an impressively low burglary rate; this means you have about the same chances as occurring when moving into your home, making it safer than 84% percent of U.S cities.

The area is a paradise for those looking to make more money. The average household incomes there are 183% higher than the national average, and male median earnings come out at 41%. Unemployment rates hover around 20% lower than the U.S. average, which means you’ll never have trouble getting hired again. To top it all off, poverty levels in this city sit comfortably below 90%.

The education levels for this community are as follows, with 1% having a master’s degree or higher. 12% have at least one bachelor’s degree, and 29 percent hold an associate’s diploma or certificate in comparison to 32 percent who only fall short of high school graduation requirements by not earning their GED (General Educational Development) certification-the last option for those without these qualifications is usually considered equivalent enough).

As the cost of living in San Miguel, CA, continues to rise, it is important for families with children and youth of all ages – from preschool up through high school graduation or beyond –to become familiar with some nearby schools. The following list includes three top public elementary institutions that serve as excellent sources when making these types of decisions:  1) Cappy Culver Elementary School 2) Almond Acres Charter Academy 3). Lillian LarsenElementary Facility.

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