You’ll be amazed by the charming neighborhood of South Land Park, Sacramento. The area is about 4.5 miles away from West Sacramento, with an estimated population of 13,331 people and offers many amenities for residents, such as shopping centers that have plenty in store or schools nearby to keep your children engaged.

South Land Park is a great place to live in Sacramento. It has an exceptional livability score and ranks 22nd out of all neighborhoods within the city limits, making it one worth considering if you’re looking for high ratings on basic amenities like schools or crime rates. This means that this area has a better livability score (ranks better) than 73% of other places around here.

South Land Park is a beautiful suburban community just outside of West Sacramento. The cost to live here has been shown to be lower than the average for both California and nationally, which makes it an excellent place in which families can thrive. Housing prices may also seem higher at first glance, but they’re actually up near national averages when you consider how much more expensive housing was 15 years ago due to relative affordability nowadays.

The South Land Park neighborhood is a great place to live, with crime rates that are 14% lower than the national average. South Land Park, Sacramento, CA, is safer than 67% of CA cities, with violent crimes 8% lower than the national average. Also, you have a 1/50 chance of becoming a victim of criminal activity, which makes this place even safer.

The median household income in this beautiful area of Sacramento, CA, is 19% higher than the national average. This means that while most other cities struggle to provide enough jobs for their citizens and offer little opportunity outside of low paying service industry positions or dead-end retail work, there are plenty of opportunities available if you live on this side of town. The city also features a beautiful park with miles and miles of trails for those who enjoy being outdoors or just need some time away from it all.

Additionally, South Land Park, Sacramento, CA, is the perfect place for people who are looking to get away from big city life. South Lake park offers an amazing natural environment, and friendly community feel yet still maintains all of your basic needs like grocery stores & restaurants within walking distance as well as a variety of employment opportunities with high paying salaries.

In South Land Park, Sacramento, CA, males have 41% higher median earnings than females. The poverty level is also average compared to other cities in America.

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