Triple El is a neighborhood located in Palo Alto, California, located near Mountain View, California with an estimated population of over 1,511 people. This is a great neighborhood to live in if you’re looking for Mountain View’s 207th ranked neighborhood. This area has an excellent livability score and ranks better than 63% of its surrounding areas.

Triple El is a small city with the perfect balance of urban and suburban living. There are plenty of coffee shops, parks for all age groups, excellent public schools to choose from – it’s no wonder that most residents own their homes! It gets even better because Triple elites tend to be liberal in both politics as well social issues, which makes them feel right at home here.

This neighborhood is a safer place than 68% of the cities in California. The crime rates are 22% higher than average, but that doesn’t matter when you have such low violent crimes! If this was your priority, then moving there would be an option worth considering for yourself or someone else who needs protection with their family members living outside Triple El.

In Triple El, the income per capita is 151% higher than average. In addition to this fact, median household incomes are also 243% greater here as well. As a gender, males in Triple El have higher median earnings than females. The unemployment rate is 11% higher for this group too. And while the poverty level across town may seem similar to what you see nationally – it’s not because of these statistics on income or employment rates alone.

In this neighborhood of  Triple El, the cost of living is 133% higher than average and 229 percent more so for a single person. Housing prices are 698 percent as well, which means people here need two incomes just to cover their costs. The median home value in the triple El area is $2 million, and the typical rent exceeds $2900. This makes this neighborhood an excellent choice for those who can afford such high prices with ease.

The school test scores here are equal to the national average. 97.7% of people have completed 8th grade, 97 percent complete high school, and 85% have attended college or attained a bachelor’s degree.

The population density here is 56% lower than in Palo Alto. The median age there, at 7%, is higher as well; but what really stands out are the racial demographics: only 57.4 percent of its residents identify themselves as white while 0.03 percent identify with African American and 38% as Asian ethnicity.

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