Vine Hill is a small, cozy suburb of Oakland. Located about 1.6 miles away from Martinez, California area and home to 3886 people (the majority who own their homes), Vine hill offers residents many features that make life easier: its sparse suburban feel; proximity to downtown San Francisco as well as salubrious country clubs. Living in Vine hill means living on spacious lots that are not too small or big for your family’s needs–all while being close enough without having traffic issues.

Vine Hill is a nice and friendly neighborhood. There are plenty of parks where families can go for leisurely walks or play Frisbee in the afternoon sun! The public schools here are highly rated too, which makes it easy to find an excellent school that will fit your child’s needs perfectly.

Living in Vine Hill, you are close to all that’s important, with commute times being short. The area feels sparse because of its low population density and lack of amenities but still there for those who want them. The Median Home Value is $483,300. The median rent is $1,811, and this mostly suburban area has a population density close enough so that you can easily get lost without any trouble on the way there.

The most diverse area in terms of education is Vine Hill, which has a national Master’s degree or higher and Bachelor’s degrees from 18% to 32%. This neighborhood also includes many college graduates. The least educated neighborhoods are Those Below High School diplomas with 27%, 13% who have only “some-college/associate’s” – but no bachelor’s level programs at all.

There are top public schools serving the community. Alhambra Senior High School and College Park Hightop, high school, are just two of many great options for students looking to get an excellent education with access to extracurricular activities as well.

Vine Hill is a sought-after neighborhood for its convenience. It’s close enough to all the things that make downtown feel like an inconvenience, but out in Vine hills, you can still enjoy country living with access roadways and grocery stores on every corner. You might be surprised to learn that the median household income in Vine Hill is $106,855. This means it’s possible for you and your family to live comfortably without living paycheck-to-paycheck like many people these days.

Vine Hill is a desirable neighborhood for people who want to be close to downtown but still have plenty of space. Vine Hill has always had lower crime rates than other neighborhoods in the area due to its location on higher ground, with views that take advantage when it comes time for sunset every day! With real estate prices comparing favorably against those found throughout California too – you’ll never regret moving here either way.

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