Walnut Creek, CA, is located about 6.6 miles away from Clayton, California with an estimated population of 67,568 people and offers a wide range of activities that residents can enjoy: hiking trails through bucolic fields or tree-lined streets lined by cozy cafes on every corner waiting for you.

This is a small, welcoming community in the heart of California. It has an exceptional livability score and ranks well compared to other cities around it for quality-of-life perks like proximity to nature or low unemployment rate, among others. This area ranks better than 82% of its surrounding areas when it comes to livability rankings.

The cost of living in this community is higher than the California average and 79% higher than the national average. Housing prices are 200% more expensive as well, making it difficult for many people who live here to pay their bills on time each month while still maintaining a stable lifestyle with adequate savings accounts or credit ratings.

The residents of Walnut Creek have a 1 out of 27 chance that they will become victims of criminal activity. Violent crimes are also 55% lower than average, while property crime rates are 49% higher than national levels, but you can take measures against it by taking safety precautions such as not leaving your car unattended or walking alone at night if possible when Walnut Creek has low amounts per capita compared other cities which makes this location an excellent choice for moving families who want peace within their personal space so long as everyone is aware what life will entail here.

Walnut Creek is an amazing and beautiful place to live, work, and play. The city’s population has an income per capita that is 81% higher than the national average. Additionally, it’s 50% higher than average household incomes across America, and male median earnings are 41% greater than female wages, which shows how well Walnut Creekians can afford their own homes here while also being less likely to experience unemployment or poverty rates relative to those of other parts on this great country we call home.

In Walnut Creek, The school test scores are 38% higher than the national average. There are approximately 13 public schools, and most of them have a high percentage completion rate of 96%. This makes the people of Walnut Creek, CA, a highly educated and intelligent group. 94% have completed 8th grade; almost all (96%) go on to graduate from High School with their class in order to study for the next level at least one year before taking any further steps toward higher education or professional certification/ordination, which will often require additional coursework beyond what students are required by law here anyway. 60% also hold either an Associates degree, Bachelors’ Degree- complete enough courses between these two levels so as not repeat work done earlier but still maintain adequate credits towards graduation requirements needed later in life.

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