Walnut Creek, located about 5.3 miles away from Concord, is a town in California with the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities. Whether you’re looking for great schools, low crime rates, or an easy commute to San Francisco Bay Area employment centers, this area has it all.

Walnut Creek offers a balance between urban and suburban living. With its ample selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Walnut Creek is an enticing destination for those looking to live their lives in this modern city that’s both cultural yet down-to-earth with many opportunities right at your fingertips.

This is the 129th ranked city in California and 5,227th ranked out of all cities across America. The area around here has a livability score that ranks better than 82% percent for its surroundings.

The cost of living here is 27% higher than the California average and 79% more expensive than national averages. Housing prices are 200 percent above what they should be for a place with such a high-quality lifestyle, so if you’re trying to find your way around this pricey city, then keep scrolling.

The Walnut Creek area has a lower crime rate than 30% of the cities in America. Walnuts creek’s violent crimes are 55% lower than average, making it one of your safest options for living. This is a much safer and quieter town than most other cities in America. You have about one chance in 27 that your local area will be the location for crime, which makes it significantly less likely than others around here.

Walnut Creek has a higher income per capita than the national average, with median household incomes 50% greater. Surrounding male earnings being 41% higher than female counterparts also indicates this area’s prosperity is not limited only to one gender or another.

Walnut Creek’s unemployment rate hovers around 19%, which is much better when compared against other similar-sized cities in California, where it stands at about 47%. The city maintains an impressive 57% lower poverty level as well-meaning less people are living below what can be considered “basic needs.”

The school test scores in Walnut Creek are 38% higher than the national average. There are approximately 13 public schools, which means it’s an excellent place for students who want a well-rounded education with easy access to all sorts of resources and opportunities. Some of the top public schools serving this area include Campolindo High School, Acalanes High School, Monte Vista High School, Las Lomas High School,  and Northgate High School.

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