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When disaster strikes and your life gets turned upside down, Critical Control responds immediately. We get called for the toughest, dirtiest and most technically challenging jobs that other companies walk away from. Our mission is to get you back into your property or operating your business as quickly as possible and on a predictable timeline. From dependable start times to handling your insurance claims to dedicated project managers, our approach makes a critical diffence to your successful disaster recovery.



You’ve gotten sucked into this world of insurance claims, adjusters, mitigation process and industry lingo. This isn’t most people’s world, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your footing. With our extensive experience and breadth of knowledge, we have reps dedicated to advocating for you on your claim so that you get the coverage and support you deserve from your insurance.


We have teams on standby at all times. So when a disaster strikes, we are ready. Our national response team can deploy within 4 hours of notification, bringing with us semi-trailers full of equipment and mobile response units.


Unlike companies that will keep you on their waitlist for weeks, we are upfront and honest about when we will be able to help you. If we are backlogged, we’ll let you know so that you can have a better shot with another company who may be able to help sooner.


From start to stop. From initial mitigation to reconstruction we can be your one point of contact, eliminating the stress of having to transition and coordinate with multiple parties.


Our teams have over 120 years of combined experience in disaster work. With state of the art equipment and processes, we tackle some of the most complex and challenging projects across the country. Our projects range from multi-story hotels, casinos, wineries, resorts, 100+ unit apartment complexes and office buildings as well as residential disasters.


There’s a reason people trust us. We’ve earned it. Between our 5 star ratings on Google, Yelp, A+ BBB accreditation and hundreds of insurance adjusters, property managers and building owners that rely on us when they are most in need, Critical Control makes it a point to show up when you need us most.


Mold can begin growing quietly, unseen, and unnoticed for a long time and it can grow anywhere water enters your home. If you’ve had an under sink leak, flooding of any kind, or even a large water spill, it’s likely that there’s also mold lurking nearby. But it can also grow anywhere that’s damp and warm or in areas of high humidity. Areas of the home where mold is commonly found include bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, around windows, and in attics, basements, and crawlspaces. 


Buildings can host fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria, and actinomycetes as a result of construction defects like inappropriate ventilation, faulty construction of crawl spaces, inadequate building design, flat roofs, fake stucco cladding without adequate caulking, basements exposed to saturated groundwater conditions, not correcting water leaks and more.


There are a few ways to detect mold in the home.

Visual – The most visible type of mold is called mildew. It can look like black spots or flecks. You usually see it in the grout lines between tiles in your shower, sometimes it builds up around faucets or pipes. You may see it on the paint or cabinetry around drain pipes under your sinks.

Odor –
A musty smell is often an indication of mold. It may come from vents or ducts, or you may detect a persistent dank odor in certain rooms of the house or areas of that room.

Probing –
If you notice a discolored area, try probing the surface with a screwdriver or your finger. The surface may feel soft, mushy, or compromised. If this is the case, it is likely that rot has already taken hold and is in the process of breaking down the structure.

Professional inspection –
If you suspect that your home or building has a mold issue but are unsure, the safest bet would be to have us inspect the premises. Our Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) will use particulate tools as well as take samples and send them to our local lab and testing facility. Based on the results, we’ll be able to recommend a course of action. 


All mold and rot must be found and removed, but until the source of moisture is eliminated, the problem will just continue to come back. That’s why a big part of mold remediation involves a thorough inspection to determine how water is entering the building, and then repair work to fix that problem. 

Surface molds like mildews can often be cleaned with our professional anti-microbial agents. But if mold and rot have penetrated into drywall and framing, the affected areas will need to be completely removed. If the damage has been allowed to go on unaddressed for some time, then remediation may involve demolition and reconstruction. Our mold remediation experts will preserve as much of the original structure as possible, while thoroughly removing every last trace of contamination and decay. 

If a leak has caused high humidity in the affected area, we may also bring in commercials dryers and air movers to thoroughly dry out all affected materials to ensure that mold does not return. Finally, powerful air cleaners will be used to remove any toxic airborne particles.


Mold is a toxic substance and you don’t have to even touch it to feel its ill effects. Mold releases microscopic spores into the air that when inhaled can lead to a chronic inflammatory response. Mold exposure symptoms can include asthma attacks, headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle aches and cramps, sensitivity to light, and the list goes on. 

If mold is present in your home or building, then it’s likely that you also have decay fungi. The conditions that invite the growth of mold, namely moisture, warmth, and an organic substrate, also invite rot and decay. Mold and rot commonly occur in the basement and under home crawl spaces, affecting the floor joists and framing, as well as areas of the home prone to humidity.

Mold issues can exist unnoticed and still affect building occupants. If you or your family, tenants, or employees are suffering from respiratory issues, or if you are aware of a recent water damage issue or leak, we urge you to call us for professional indoor environmental testing and evaluation for mold remediation as soon as possible. 

The Critical Control Family

Critical Control is a truly passionate team and a family dedicated to providing homegrown, local service. We are not a big national company with an impersonal presence. We began as a Sonoma County business and are proud of our North Bay roots. Although we are the fastest gowning remediation company in the area, we keep personal, one-on-one attention on your project as our top priority just as we always have. 



There’s a reason people trust us. We’ve earned it. Between our 5 star ratings on Google, Yelp, A+ BBB accreditation and hundreds of insurance adjusters, property managers and building owners that rely on us when they are most in need, you can rest assured your project is in the best hands possible.